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Let’s see….if doing IT makes me a techie and a geek at the same time, then that’s definitely out! I love IT…design,latest tech,it’s jus fun to me!

Land Rover LRX(My dream car!!)

Land Rover LRX

But on to other matters, cars have to be my number one priority. You mention tags like the latest concept model in the market, or the new fuel economy technology…how Land Rover company has shifted to air springs, then you can bet you’ve engaged me in the hottest conversation ever! These machines have got to be the latest technology God gave to man. (Shoot me!!)

A laughter a day....

A laughter a day….

Apart from that, I enjoy laughter. Crack a 1999 joke about Mc Hammer and i’ll burst my heart out in laughter…we have our very own Kichizi.com where I frequently visit just to have a smile a day.
How could I forget Nihongo of all things! I’m madly in love with Japanese! Madly! From mangas, to Japanese cars, to the cuisine…I think the next imprint i’m going to have on a T-shirt will read like “If I die, and heaven does not accept me,TAKE ME TO JAPANESE!! ” Oh yeah, am a Karateka as well-5th kyu! You check me out coming your way, you better run!! hehe!

So much for that…the least I could talk about my interests.


3 comments on “Interests

  1. Mtoto Sonko
    March 4, 2010

    You’s a car maniac dude!!!

  2. shikomsa
    February 22, 2011

    Lol. That Kichizi.com is funny.

  3. tjilani
    February 22, 2011

    the true definition of laughing out loud!! 🙂

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