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Comeback? Last I wrote on this platform was a couplá months ago!! Ok, lemme dash to the main point. I’m disturbed; disturbed about how cancer has been the main reason for so many deaths, claiming the lives of many in the recent past, and so I’m going to put all my thoughts in words here. Today I write about cancer. We have lost dear ones; big names and change agents have succumbed to this: Wangari Maathai, Court of Appeal judge Moijo ole Keiwua, Margaret Ogolla, Steve Jobs etc. Let alone legendaries, just recently a tweep lost her three year old sister to cancer. Everywhere around me, cancer screams.
It’s common human practice, “if it doesn’t affect me, why bother?” Reflex mentality if I may call it- human nature. Stats in .KE have shown that about 50 Kenyans die daily from various forms of cancers and about 90,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, with the most common listed as breast, cervical, prostrate, colon and lung cancer. I’ll cut the chase, and lay out my appeal.
October is Breast Cancer awareness month…AWARENESS being the key thing here. The least the government can (will) do is hold an event on a weekend, invite corporates, you know…the normal drill. Question I pose to you is what are YOU doing about it?
I was doing some shopping over the weekend at one of the Nakumatt branches, and a lady called me over…of course I thought it was one of those promotions, but the tees at her table attracted me, so I went over and she told me about the Nairobi Hospital cancer awareness walk scheduled for this Saturday. Ksh. 500/= Plan to attend if you can.
There are so many ways to do an awareness, to be involved, to show that you care. You might not have a relative suffering from cancer, or a close friend for that matter, but people out there are affected by it…make sure you aren’t one of them, and if by any chance you realise you are one, go get that support on how to take care of yourself.
What am I advocating for? Cancer screening. One key factor for increasing the chances for survival is early detection, which of course translates to higher survival rates because it increases the opportunity to ‘catch’ cancer early and provides an opportunity for intervention before it has spread to other areas within the body. I was reading this article which says the government plans to carry out free screening for cancer before year end- no official word from them after the Minister of Public Health and Medical Services Ms. Beth Mugo announced that sometime this year in mid August. Some Sh150 million has already been set aside by the ministries to prepare for the countrywide exercise. Well, you can wait on that, or simply go to to any of the hospitals and know your status.
Go get that screening. That is all. Have a great day folks.


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