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December, the festivities

So January is finally here, after quite a short holiday I must say. One that you wished would never end, but come 1st January, when the festive adverts on the bill board are being brought down, and the streets (…of Mombasa) are no longer crowded, (with peeps from upcountry of course, upcountry including Nairobi)then it hits you that it’s all over. Shucks!! Well, this December has been quite different for me; been one that’s been family(and fun)-filled- got to spend more time with my brothers and sisters, cousins alike, and with my nieces n nephews, in the city rather than with friends as has always been my trend over December(Mad partyiiing!) It’s also been a first of many things as I’d come to realize…

1. First of all, my grandma passed on sometime this December. We were used to going back home and spending the season with her there. That was no more. In fact, I didn’t even go back there this December after her burial on 7th I presume. My first Christmas without my granny.

2. On a light note, it was my first time to actually, errr…lay hands on the poultry and put it’s life to an end…for lack of a better way to put it! I know, I know, I should have done that way earlier in my childhood. Let’s just say opportunity never availed itself. I remember that night we were having ugali, chicken stew and greens for dinner and I asked my nephew:
Me: “Big boy, are you enjoying your food?!”
Nephew:”Uncle Mwangolo, this is not food. This is ugali and chick’n”
**DEAD** I found that quite humorous!!

3. Like I said, I spent most of my time with family. My cousins and uncles and aunties from S.Africa and Nairobi were down at the coast, and so was my family. Most of our outings were during the day, contrary to the nocturnal trend that goes on over December. So I guess this was actually my first December to be indoors the night of Christmas eve, the night of Christmas, and also on the 31st; the new years’ eve night, doing nothing but watching movies over pizza, went to the balcony, saw the fireworks, came back and continued with the movie marathon!! Boring? I wouldn’t say so! I think the last time I wasn’t out on these nights was when I was 14 or something! 😉

4. It’s my last December as an undergraduate. In the next four months or so, I’ll be graduating, graduating to greener pastures, blossoming out of my mother’s petals that have for so long covered me! So now I guess I have bigger responsibilities on my shoulders, and bigger expectations as well.

It’s a new year, a new season, a new me…I’ll try and keep it that way. Shed off some rusty parts that I had clinging to me and make things right, especially with my creator. I got to spend a lot of my time with my nieces and nephews who are such a joy; always give me a dose that makes me feel energized, makes me feel revitalized and rejuvenated! Such a blessing! I didn’t have New Year’s resolutions as such, they never work out for me, so I’ll simply work with achievable realistic milestones and see how far they’ll get me.

Oh well, here I am, back in Nairobi. I can’t say I dread being here, but I’d do anything for another window of opportunity to get grooving like we did over December. Such a sudden change-over , you know? From all the fun, food, swimming, eating, outings, family, friends, and in a matter of days, it’s you and your books, again! I travelled back in a bus full of freshers from MMU (you could tell from their conversations) and trust me, it wasn’t a pleasant trip, but all in all, I thank God I got here safely on Sunday morning, and it only hit me that I was in Nairobi when I saw smartly dressed people and skimpily dressed people at the same time in the wee hours of the morning; one lot heading to church, the other lot coming from the rave joints; only happens in Nairobi. The trending greetings of course right now is “Happy new year TJ”…been getting that ever since I came, and I was just trying to crack it out in my head, do we really have a deadline as to when these new year’s greetings should end, ama come valentine’s day, salaams will still be “Happy new year, and happy valentine;’s day as well?!?!?!”Have a blessed 2011 good people!


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