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May the earth swallow me up…

Ever experienced that moment when you really REALLY desparately wished you were dreaming? Better yet, you wished the ground would open up and just swallow you up, or maybe you wished you would have the power to turn back the hands of time? That moment ‘landed’ on me today, petty as it might sound…I hit my brother’s-in-law Subaru on the rear right. He has two cars- both Subarus, but this one that I hit, it’s the new one-to be precise, the one he loves most…the one on the pic.

...dented on the rear right.

THUD!!! Came the loud sound, as if I’d hit some cow on the highway (…PS: I was only reversing, and it was at night!) All worried, I left the engine running, and got out to see the damage I’d done. The huge dent on the fibre bumper and the paint that had greatly chipped off made my knees weak. After spending almost 10mins staring and assessing the damage (…as if by doing so, the car would be made whole again), I got in, parked it well, went upstairs and told my sister about it. Handling the matter well, she told me not to worry about it…lets be realistic, that could never happen, even if I wanted to. The tension and uneasiness I felt at that moment just couldn’t allow me to. I even remember at one point cursing God and almost threw my phone against the wall.
When my bro in law came, he even laughed at the fact that I was all tensed up. “These things happen bana, don’t let it eat you up.” …setting the calm mood in by telling me of his friend who hit the same car and made it in hours even without him noticing. Before that, you can imagine what was going through my mind, how he’ll react when he sees the huge dent, and all that. I was afraid of confronting Him and telling Him of the negativity he was to expect.
Needless to say, the whole thing messed up my entire day. 😦


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2010 by in My story.


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